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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bush's New Iraq Plan Heads they win tails we lose

Bush's own Generals are now saying that these additional troops have at best a 50-50 change of improving the situation in Iraq.

Meaning that there is a 50% change that Iraq will continue to spiral down further into a civil war with our troops in the middle of it. That we will end up in the same situation we did in Vietnam not knowing who we are fighting. Who is friend who is foe, where the Iraqi troops turn on our soldiers and shoot them in the back or al sadar's forces pretend to be Iraq troops and shoot the troops in the back.


We calm it down and Iranian's win because Iraq becomes a quassi-Iranian Vassal. The Shias are pro-Iran and so are the Kurds. Yes the Kurds are pro-Iranian the Kurds are an Iranian Ethnic group.

I would like to know where the "VICTORY" is?


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