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Friday, November 10, 2006

Well I've been foaming at this mouth on everyone else's blog this week about the election in the Lehigh Valley. So it's probally time to do it on mine. I'm Howling mad we didn't win any new seats in the valley the dog was working his tail off for the past 4 months. Only to be hosed down by the Hdcc and the donar in the Valley.

I would like to rip the seat out of Veon's pants but the voters in Bulter county already did that for him. It's time was time for the Hdcc to put up or shut up they are now dancing around patting themselves on the back for the possiblity that they might get a one seat majority in the house, from a recount. The simple fact is it shouldn't even be a question we should have picked up at least 10 seats.

The simple fact is Hdcc don't know what it's doing and they are wasting the parties money. It's time for the Hdcc to go or be reorganized or put down. But this is just the view of one angry Green dog


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