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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Bush adm resistance to alternative energy putting america's economic future at risk

The close to 6 year resistance by the Bush Adm and republican lead congress has put American is a bad future economic position. Instead spreading the cost of conversion to a fossil fuel alternative or alternative the republicans have fought tooth and nail against it. Now, we are in the max pain position of having to in short accord to make massive changes to our environmental situation or risk the same economic pain we sought to avoid by not doing them.

While, the rest of the industrialized world has been creating it's alternative energy industries we are in the beginning stages. We are now starting to see the international costs, in our auto-industry. Ford and Gm are not simply being hurt by their labor situation they being hurt because they are being cut off from foreign markets because of their failure until recently and putting their market share at risk at home as fuel efficiency has become a bigger and bigger concern.

We are now getting to this position with other industries as well. As, well we as we are rushing to deal the environmental problems the Republicans until recently have tried to explain away as unproven and in some cases are still trying to. We are being forced to import or have foreign companies build our alternative energy infrastructure,because the country has failed to invest in the technology or create the capacity to do it ourselves. This has created a secondary cost of us not even benfiting from our own attempt to shift to alteratives to fossil fuels.

Our failure to take the pain of changing over while the europeans started to in the 80's and 90's and the first 6 year of this adm and we made fun of them for it. They are benefiting and we are paying the price, as we are now years behind them, and the costs of doing so now will be much more expensive for our leaderships lack of vision.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lucky Dog of the 2007 Election

In an up and back vote count that wasn't settled till monday, Whitehall Twp Commissioner Thomas Slonaker seems to have eeked out win in the race for Lehigh county controller (and I mean eeked out) over the current Lehigh county controller Paul Shaffer by 23 votes. On election night it looked like Slonaker had originally won by 278 votes 22,280 to 22,002 then the next morning it had flipped to a 67 vote advantage for Shaffer 21,464 votes to 21,397. Finally today Slonaker 21,624 votes, compared with Shaffer 21,601. I honestly don't understand the vote total changes either.

All I can say is Thomas Sloanker is one lucky dog and definally deserves the title of Lucky Dog of the 2007 Election

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Maliki and his achievements

1. Maliki has achieved 3 racially Homogenious regions.
More or less the precence of Kurds and Sunnis had been removed from Southern Iraq and most of Baghdad.

Al abar is now Homogenously Sunnis

the North or Now what is called Kurdistan is almost homogenously Kurd

2. There are now 3 million or more Sunnis and Shites mostly sunnis that have fled the country.

3. There is more or elss an automous southern Iraq region

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