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Monday, November 13, 2006

Not sure why everyone is complaining on mydd

It seems the Bloggers on Mydd are really in a tift that Rahm emmauel is getting a ton of credit for the Democrats taking over the house. I mean the man is 20 feet tall and Shoots Lighting bolts out of his ass. What are they complaining about so he wasted 10 million dollars on Tammy Duckworth in race she lost in larger margin then Charles Dertinger did. So he didn't pick up one seat in his home state. So just about every race the Dccc inserted itself into we lost. I mean we what are they complaining about most of the races we won we won with no help from the Dccc at all. I mean so Lois murphy lost and they wasted a ton of money on that race. I'm not sure what they are complaining about. I mean we could have won like 20 or 30 more races with the money they used for the targeted races they lost all 14 of them but what the heck who cares.


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