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Friday, February 02, 2007

America I think we have a problem with the Enviroment

Well it's become quite clear global warming is real and based, on our little friend's get up we are at war with global warming. It seems to have been come quite clear that in the past 30 years; we have done so much damage, to the environment that won't see improvement in our lifetimes. That Bush's and other president's short sited policies, that the idea is a 4th quarter problem was short sighted.

Bush continues to refuse to do anything because he claims it will hurt the economy is even more short sighted. Yes in the short time we will have to give up a little bit of earning for long term gain but that's what any investment requires. The simply fact is if we don't make the hard choices now there will be a much greater economic penalty for America.

We are quickly losing our place in the world other countries are going, to be reaping the benefits of early change over, to other fuels and other distribution formats. While, we are just making the change of because we will be forced to catch up by the rest of the world. So we can continue to compete in the world, while we destroy our economy trying to do so. But that's the mindset of the Bush adm living in the moment something we are going to pay for for a long time

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