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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Just winning the County commissioner seats is not good enough

IN 2006 we "won" but we still only control 6 out of 14 state legislative seats, in the Lehigh valley and only 4 of 11 State legislative seats in Lehigh county. i.e. we only control 36 1/3 % of the state seats in Lehigh county and almost the same number of local seats 37% of the seats or 65 out of 174 elected positions (the best number i can get from the state website) on the Local level. It will be nothing to celebrate if we win a number of county commissioner seats in 2007 and do nothing about the low number of supervisor and council and other Elected municipal seats this will be no victory at all.

It is unacceptable for Democrats to make up more than 50% of the voters, but only make up 37% of elected officials, in Lehigh county. If no efforts are made to close this gap no one will deserve a pat, on their back for "winning" in '07. If all the attention
is given, to the County commissioners races, and none to the local ones(and i don't mean the city of Allentown), and we lose big like we did in 2005, on the local level. There will be hell to pay.


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