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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Well it seems Pennsylvania Democrats are Paying for Bill De Wesse's Behavior

It now seem that Jon Prezel will continue to be the Speaker of the Pennsylvania house because of the Shameful behavior of who know what his title will be Bill Dewesse and Veon and the rest of the Democratic leadership. Rep Thomas Caltagirone said today that he would support Jon Prezel for speaker instead of De wesse because "The leaders of our caucus have shown little regard for many members of the caucus, the constituents they represent, and the legislative initiatives we should be supporting," the letter said. "Instead, they have operated the caucus as a personal fiefdom, promoting their own personal and political ambitions behind a wall of secrecy and petty personal vindictiveness." In my post on Nov 28th I said that if continued down the path you were the Democrats were going to be Punished for it. It seem that some elected Democrats decided that you didn't even deserve the chance to hurt the party more with your behavior. So in the end the way you, the Democratic leaderships and Hdcc acted in the election and in the your dealings with other Democratic Rep's have now served to punish the whole party and the people of Pennsylvania with 2 more years of Speaker Prezel. I could say that Rep Caltagirone had betrayed the party or that this was violating the will of Pennsylvania's voters but in the end the only person there is to blame is you (and fmr rep Veon). You could have expanded the field but you spent enormous amounts of money in sure thing races. Threw candidates that might have won to the wolves. Punished candidates that wouldn't get down on their knees and kiss your ring. So Mr. De Wesse when you look for someone to blame look in the Mirror buddy you did this to yourself.


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