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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

No Senator Mccain You are playing Politics

Senator Mccain you ask about the consequence of losing in Iraq. As far as I can tell most Miltary people and most of the American public can tell we have already lost in Iraq. You are simply trying to ride a wave of delusion of well lets just try one more thing and another thing and another thing. Senator Mc Cain you say give this Surge a change we haven't given it a change. This isn't a new strategy this is the same strategy that was tried before and didn't work. In the first few months it looked like it worked. Then it self destructed you keep patting General Petraeus on the back as some brilliant General it didn't work before now we are trying our past failure on a large scale. Give it a chance ha we already gave it a chance it FAILED. The bigger question we aren't talking about is what are the consequences of us staying in Iraq forever. 1. a destroyed miltary, 2. a broken us economy. 3. a massive victory for al aqueda. Yes a Massive victory for Al queada has it ever come into your mind that Al Queada is putting out phoney releases to try and con us into staying in Iraq and continuing to damage ourselves. That while we are wasting our time money and treasuer in Iraq they are building up their strength and we are getting weaker. That by the Us and our allies what few of them staying in Iraq the Al quaeda and our enemies are winning that we are doing exactly what they want us to. That it's probably more likely we are going to get attacked here because we are giving them a live fire training ground, recruiting tool and a causes to use against us. No us leaving Iraq will not help them it will hurt them. The longer we stay in Iraq the more it hurts us not Al Aqeda Al Aqueda wants us to stay in Iraq till we destroy ourselves. But you can't seems to get this or care about it because even if you realize that they are playing a big con game on us. All you care about is the political gain you get from screaming about staying in Iraq till we "win"

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