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Monday, March 05, 2007

Rank Hypocrisy

It seems that the right wing extremists in the Republican party only seem to care about the troops. So long as they are carrying out their grand plan, but once they come home they don't seem to give a damn and even to some extent when they are in the field .

I was completely shock by the vicious and down right nasty response I got to my post Va System Complete mess. I usually get 5 or 10 a day emails a few of which are really nasty emails a day.After,I posted this on Feb 19th I got a few emails related to it, the first week it was up, mostly positive. Suddenly, the beginning of last week in what seems to be part of a hit campaign to kill the story on Walter reed I started getting a flood of nasty email.

I was accused of being a liar nothing shocking there, but then I was accused of treason,helping al-quaeda, and pretty much every other slanderous line you could think of in these email.I'm jaw droppingly shocked that, this would illicit this type of venom, I've posted a lot more inflammatory things, than this.

It seems that this truth is a greater threat to their image and plans than anything else. That is probably, why most of the extreme right wing media is glossing this over and treating it as a second rate story. The Right-wing extremist and the Bush adm seem to care more about the image of supporting the troops than actually doing it. From sending in the troops in poorly prepared so badly that their families had to buy them body armor, to the troops running out of bullets to allow the Va to fall apart. The right wing extremists see the troops as cannon-fodder and tool for propaganda and only do things when they are embarrassed by the media.

If the media had not reported what was happening at Walter Reed nothing would have been done and there would have been a continued cover up. In fact the Bush adm has had the army ordering troops not to speak to the media anymore, so nothing else is uncovered. The same type of cover up is true about the body armor and the bullets and everything else. The simple fact is the Bush adm knows about these problems and simply doesn't care, and their horde of right wing supports obviously don't either.

I'm personally sick of listening to these people meme the talking points of support the troops when they don't. The troops will do what they are told to do if they were ordered into hell they would probably go. It is the job of the Government to decide the mission congress and the President. Then send them in equipped to do it and take care of them when they get home in the manner befitting their sacrifice if they are injured. Not sent into a rotting rat infest hell hole. It is also the job of the government to decide when a war is unwinable or the course of action is wrong and change it or stop it, but simply throwing more troops in and using them as a propaganda tool is not supporting the troops.

You will never hear an American solider admit in front of a camera how bad things are,to the media. They are there they don't see the larger picture or if it is winnable they simply do what they are order to do. They don't think about what is next or it's working they look on the bright side of it, because it's the only way they can keep going.

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