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Friday, February 02, 2007

Here we go again

It seems here we go again is the best phrase I can think of. The Media is again trying to convince the American public, that Iran is such a great threat that we must invade. That somehow invading Iran is going to fix our problems in Iraq buying into the same false permious that attacking another country will fix things. The media is again bring on these "experts" that insist that we must invade Iran to stop the violence in Iraq. That we must invade Iran because they might get a Nuke. That we must invade Iran because they might be a future threat. One failed policy is not justification to create another one. That somehow Bush knows best even thought we have seen his action wrong over and over again.

Why is the Media giving the Bush adm the equal time (and an equal air of creditability) that they refused to give everyone else. When the Bush adm were pounding away for the last war. Hum, maybe it's because, they need access to the White house. If they don't do some of what the Bush adm wants, they won't get access to the president.

When in the past I've scoffed at claims by news outlets like the Morning Call calling blogger not credible or not held accountable, who was holding them accountable then?

If the media was impartial or had some sort of Supervision, the other side would have been given a hearing. The media no longer seems interested in the investigative jornalism or truth but getting the story. Not, if the story is true just getting the story. Not informing the public but selling commercials, and getting access to the powerful. Bloggers are just as creditable and help as or more accountable then they are. If we lie or get something wrong people stop reading us. If the Media gets something wrong they do a Mea Culpa fire a few people and give some half hearted apology and everyone forgives them after a while because there are no other options.

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  • Endless war makes for good TV until Jacko does something again

    By Blogger Gort, at 2:31 AM  

  • CNN seems to be continuing it's whoring for the Bush adm. Trotting on
    one after another pro-bush bs artists

    By Blogger Greendogdem, at 8:01 PM  

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