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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The only winner from the our Surge in Iraq is AL Queda

The simple fact is regardless of what the Bush adm and Senator Mc Cain keep saying Al Aqeda has little or no presence in Iraq. They keep pointing to this or that person or this or that action as by done by an AL Qaeda member. While in reality the action are being done by this or that Shite or Sunni actor in the current civil war in Iraq.

An example of this is today's attack on the Iraqi Parliament that was clearly done by someone in either Al-Sadar's Mahdi army or by one of the Sunni insurgent group. Blaming this on Al Queda only strengthens Al Queda giving them a new propaganda source.

The simple fact is the Us military is being run ragged trying to stop a civil war that will happen no matter when we leave. That is happening around our troops and instead of being fought where we are the insurgence simply moved the attacks to a different part of the country. The Madhi army is attacking sunnis in Najafi, and other places in the country. The Sunnis are attacking the Kurds in the north etc. We aren't stopping anything and 3 to 5 more bridges are going to make no difference.

In the end all we are doing in Iraq is slowly destroying our military, it's equipment and putting ourselves in more debt. While not making any real dent in power of the people who attacked us on 9-11. Al Queda is all over the world is networking all over the world while we waste our energy in Iraq. They are in Thailand,Indonesia, Philippines, Europe and probably in the US and we don't have the resources to do anything about it because we are wasting time in Iraq.

If we are attacked by Al Queda again in the Us it will be because we have shown how stupid we are to continue to stay in Iraq and let ourselves get destroyed by numerous insurgent groups in the Same way the Russians were in Afghanistan. Rather than if we had left Iraq and had directly gone after Al queda were they are. In the end after all the fighting we are going to have to leave Iraq at some point. In the end the real winner in all of this will be Al Queda because we have destroyed ourselves with our own stupidity. They didn't have to do anything to defeat us we destroyed ourselves simply because they egged us on with phony leaked messages saying that Iraq was such a great prize and that they would win if we leave.

Hum Mr Bush did ever come into your mind that Al queda wants us to stay in Iraq that they know from the war with the Russians that you can destroy a country without even trying. Oh yes I forgot who i'm talking about a government that can't even do the most simplest tasks. That's run by a man that thinks everything he's does is bless by god . Who keeps making mistake after mistake of course he would fall for what amounts to school yard taunts to get us to do stupid things that will damage ourselves.

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