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Sunday, May 06, 2007

How Al Qaeda's number 2 is setting Us Policy

Iman Al-Zawari seems to now be setting US policy in Iraq now. Yes I'm saying Al-Qaeda's number two is setting us policy. No, I'm not asserting collusion between the Bush adm and Al-Qaeda. I'm saying that Al-Zawari seems to have figured out how to get the Bush adm, to do exactly what he wants. It seems that Al-Qaeda has figured out that the best way, to win is to get the us to do what it wants. They are doing this by dropping fake messages about how important Iraq is to them. That are easily found by Us or Allied intelligence and playing on the Neo-cons and Bush's ego with mocking videos.

The simple fact is Iraq is not very important to Al-Qaeda. While they are keeping us bogged down in Iraq with the help indirectly of the many other insurgent groups. That they really have no control over. They are building up all over the rest of the world.
Such as in Pakistan,Afghanistan,Philippines, Indonesia,Thailand all over Europe. While we are wasting our resources in Iraq they are getting stronger.

This government simply doesn't get this,it takes whatever Al-qaeda says at face value. Therefore they are able to set our policy.

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