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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lehigh County Democratic Primary non-urban Roundup

Challenged races only

Salisbury twp Current Ward 1 commissioner Robert Martucci bearly breaks a sweat defeating new comer John Eberhard

Upper Macungie Twp twp Commissioner race Chris Casey backs the truck over Chuck Deprill and runs him over again to take on Ed Early in November

Whitehall twp - Current Whitehall twp Executive Daneil Mcneil seems to have been Edged out by Edward Hozza jr

Current Commissioners Kenneth Snyder,Kyle Kern,Carl Hunsberger along with new comer Phillip Grinder edge out current county Secretary commissioner Bruce Brinker and new comers Ron Stern and Bob George.

on a different not the Joke of Property Reform ballot prop act 1 went down on an avg of 3 to 1 all over Lehigh county.

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