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Friday, July 20, 2007

and we should do what Bush wants this time because???

Every decision Bush has made from the decision to go into Iraq was the complete opposite of the decision that should have been made. Starting with going in then going in with too few troops, to letting the iraqi miltary be disbanded, to allowing rioting in the streets, to pushing election on the iraqis, to insisting on staying at every exit point we had, firing any General that suggested leaving Iraq was the best strategy, to sending in wave after waves of troops that have amounted in nothing.

THe simple fact is when Bush is faced with two options. When it has come to Iraq he always picks the wrong one. Whatever Bush suggests we should be doing the exact opposite. That includes approving General professional son Petraeus I've looked at Petraeus's record it's not very impressive and the only reason it seems he was put forward is because it seems he's good at towing the line. If he wrote the counter insurgency strategy for the us which hasn't worked for years then it should have been good enough reason not to approve him.

Very simply Bush's surge strategy deserves no more time beyond september if that long. The only point of what Bush is doing is so he can dump this on the next president so they can be blamed for the collapse of iraq and not him.

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