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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Better way to deal with Property Taxes

Lower Pa Sales tax below the States around Pennsylvania then set up outlet malls near every major highway along the north at where between 81 and 29 in Susqueahana county, rt 15 in Tioga county,rt 219 in Mckean county 82 in warren county and 90 in Erie county and rt 220 in Bradford county. This as an example and do this at every major entry road along the Pa Board with Ny, Ohio and Maryland and New Jersey that is at least 70 miles from the Delaware Boarder. So more or less north of rt 276 and West of the Susquehanna River in Se pa.

This would Bring People into Pennsylvania from New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Ohio to avoid the taxes on large items in their state that they can bring home with them in their car. This would greatly outstrip any gain that would be had by raising Pa's state tax. Raising Pa's state tax will simply cut consumption in the state and encourage people to go to other states to Buy and live.

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  • It's a simple concept, so why don't the politicians get it?

    By Blogger Chris Casey, at 10:59 AM  

  • I thought it was too I mean it would kill several birds with one stone.
    1. it will convert hundreds of old unused blighted building all over the state to usable purposes.
    2. create at least 10 years of industrial construction jobs, to refit the buildings.
    3. Lower the taxes on Pennsylvanians in numerous ways.

    4. give Pennsylvanians access to additional goods at discounted prices

    5. create long-term employment for thousands of Pennsylvanians

    6. not increase environmental destruction on numerous terms. Since you are reusing old factory and buildings, and are simply drawing from the traffic that is already going by the areas already, and are probably cutting down on pollution because these people won't be driving other places to do this type of shopping.

    7. It gives Pennsylvania retailers a market for the goods they can't sell.

    By Blogger Greendogdem, at 9:45 AM  

  • This won't work in SE Pennsylvania because Delaware has no sales tax. In fact the opposite holds true, Pennsylvanians regularly drive down 95 or 202 to shop in tax free Delaware.

    The sale stax brings about $5 billion/year into the general revenue fund. How do you replace that much money? It's about 20% of the state budget.

    By Blogger PA progressive, at 10:06 AM  

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