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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The I Scooter Libby kick back

To, start off with I will not assert, that Bush did not have the right to Commute the sentence of I Scooter Libby. The constitution gives him that right and I will not dispute that. It is very clear thought that this was political kick back for Libby Keeping his mouth shut during the trial. That there it was obvious that a deal was made that Bush would commute or pardon Libby if he was convicted. It's clear that there was a there there. That this is a Cover my ass commutation,of the sentence that if they had left Libby in prison and he might speak.

As to the assertion that this sentence was excessive, there are thousands of Americans in Jail for Committing Perjury. Whom have spend much longer than 30 months and prision and aren't getting out because they don't have friends in high places. I highly doubt the founders intended for this power to be used for political means. In the end this was simply a bald faced political kick back. Very simply, elected republicans are only the party of law and order when it applies to other people and not to themselves.

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