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Sunday, July 08, 2007

General or Propgandists? The Latest Desperate act to keep us in Iraq

We seem to be watching what is the Latest campaign by the Bush adm to keep us in Iraq 'til he leaves office in 2009. As we saw with, the other generals Petras and Lynch seem less like comanding Generals, and more like they are running a propganda campaign. Trying in what seems to be an endless propganda campaign to con the America people yet again into supporting continuing our act of insanity in Iraq. Over the last four years plus we have been told over and over again by generals everything is fine everything is great and progressing until about a month before they either resign or are removed from command. They suddenly admit things aren't going as well as they claimed, and more or less admiting they had to say whatever the bush adminstration wanted them to no matter what the truth was.

I have a hard time trusting anything the Generals are saying now to be honest, and looking at the two generals that are speaking for the Miltary I have even less trust. General David Petras is a professional Kiss ass, he was know a the Professional son in the miltary because he was the aid to camp of almost every general in the miltary. He has very limited experience and little if any success as a compander of operation the fact that he wrote the anti-insergence hand book for the miltary sort of speaks for it self showing how well things have gone so far. As to General Rick Lynch the guy is simply a mouth piece who you had and paper and he stand there and rattles it off trying to intimidate everyone.

It's quite clear the surge isn't working and it isn't going to work and we are being lied to yet again. That Bush will keep whining and whining until he gets his way or congress stands up to him and cuts off the funds. We keep going down the same road over and over again doing the same thing and getting no returns.

The Simple fact is it doesn't matter when we leave Iraq. How we leave it as soon as we leave the iraqis will turn on each other and start killing each other. The current government doesn't want us to leave because they know as soon as we do their all Dead and that's the only reason they want us to stay to protect their own skin and nothing else. They don't care how many americans die just that they survive. Well here we go again back down the rabbit hole maybe i'll find Alice this time.

Update: I failed to mention something in my post: That I had also noticed and some of the Journalist mentioned. One of the greatest examples of this propganda is the labeling of everyone we are fighting as Al-queda, if they are sunni, and sometimes even if they are Shia. It seems to be the Bush adm and Miltaries fall back now to label anyone that is opposed to us in Iraq as Al-Qaeda. There is little evidence there were never more than a few hundred Al-Queada related fighters in Iraq most of which have probally been wiped out already. Most claims by either Al-Qaeda or Al-Qaeda related attack in Iraq have had little to do with the group and Al-Qaeda was simply claiming responiblity for them as a propganda campaign that the Bush adm has fallen into, and legitmized by supporting the claims.

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