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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Part of America's perception problem around the World is the Bush era Military culture itself.

The Culture that has seems to have develop during the Bush adm in US Military is one of an absolutist cult. That sees the rest of the world as inferiors needing to be "civilized" it seems to even been ingrained in the base live at home and abroad. This attitude of what could be akin to a new "white man’s Burden" idea even extends to the British our "allies". This is exemplified in a statement by a young woman in one of the documentaries who moved to a base in the Uk that going there would be good start to her Missionary work.

This sort of exemplifies the evangelistic Disrespects for the local culture the Military is based in. The Military culture has be come ultra fundamentalist Christian in such a way that it really doesn't even understand American culture itself, living in what seems to be a 1950's black hole, that is transported from base to base.

That even is upsetting the locals in the Uk where they see the Americans and their families based there as insulting and isolationist, with little concern what their activities have on the locals. This is sort of exemplified by instructions that are given to people who are new to the bases that there are just a few nut bags that will be rude to you.

This level of disrespect for the local cultures is only adding to Growing Anti-Americanism overseas. As this is because members of the military and their families are usually the only contact that foreigners have with Americans. After watching them in action in several of these documentaries I wouldn't have a very good view of America either if I was a foreigner.

Finally if this culture of disrespect is not fixed in the American military no amount of activity by the military or diplomats are going to fix America’s image around the world.

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