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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lucky Dog of the 2007 Election

In an up and back vote count that wasn't settled till monday, Whitehall Twp Commissioner Thomas Slonaker seems to have eeked out win in the race for Lehigh county controller (and I mean eeked out) over the current Lehigh county controller Paul Shaffer by 23 votes. On election night it looked like Slonaker had originally won by 278 votes 22,280 to 22,002 then the next morning it had flipped to a 67 vote advantage for Shaffer 21,464 votes to 21,397. Finally today Slonaker 21,624 votes, compared with Shaffer 21,601. I honestly don't understand the vote total changes either.

All I can say is Thomas Sloanker is one lucky dog and definally deserves the title of Lucky Dog of the 2007 Election

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