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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Today proves we need to Pressure the Iraqi government So Mr Maliki Shut up.

It seems that the only time that makes the Iraqi government do anything is the threat that the American troops will actually leave. Mr. Maliki spent the past 3 days cursing and screaming at US elected officials mostly Democrats. Who wanted him removed, that they were undemocratic. Telling us if we don't want to be their (his) friend he can find someone else. That this is their government that we should mind our own business, screaming and yelling and having a fit on Television like a lunatic. Telling us compromise takes time progress takes time. Well, Mr. Maliki it seems the only way we can get you and the Iraqi government to show progress in Iraq is a threaten your power. That someone actually lit a fire under you and your government. That have had months and years to do thing and only do them now that if you don't the troops will pull out. That all of a suddenly only today moved to meet the US benchmarks because Democrats and some republicans put pressure on you.

This simply proves that the only thing that will speed up progress in Iraq is continued pressure and threats of leaving by American officials. That unless we put up a real threat of leaving or your removal nothing will happen. It proves Democrats were right to put the screws to the iraqi government. We will continue to spill our blood for nothing, infiniteum. So Mr. Maliki Shut up I'm almost as sick of listening to your bs as our President's rants about Vietnam.

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