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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How stupid does Bush think the American People are Vietnam,Japan,Korea

Bush must really think the American People are stupid. Bush is goin to try and conflate Japan,Korea and Vietnam into the same frame work.

We did not go into Japan and try to beat the people into submission, nor did we create a government before the war was over. We had already won there were no insurgence in Japan and there was a true leader to negotiate with.

We won in Japan and were able to set up a democracy because we had nuked the country and destroyed their will to fight.

Second Korea, exists and continues to exist in the way it does because of outside infulences between the Soviets, China and the Us and other allies.

But again this was a fight between two groups and even though we standed thousands died and even though we were there South Korea had a coup d'etat lead by General Park Chung-hee 1961, and who was replace in a coup d'etat by General Chun Doo-hwan 1979 There was also a masacre in 1980 of Democracy groups and then a revolt in 1988.All this happened while we were there.

In Vietnam we didn't lose because we left we lost because we destablize the rest of the region and didn't understand the culture of vietnam. We have incompitent allies and that no matter how much we trained them couldn't get anything done. The invation of Cambodia and the Kent State mascare in the us ended the war. Congress only cut off the Money because it had no choice, and it was the only way to end the war. Bush is continuing to point to Domino theory which didn't happen. The simple fact is that reguardless of what the Vietnam apologist say we could not have won in Vietnam no matter how long we stayed. The government was courpt and incomptient and based on the pentagon papers the Johnson and Nixon adm had been lying to the American people about what was going on in Vietnam for years. The simple fact is the Johnson adm tried to paint the tet offensive as a victory that it wasn't. Which is where the war started to go down hill. We simply couldn't control vietnam without ourselves and neither can we control Iraq.

The simple fact is the comparison between Iraq and the other wars is a load of dung. Iraq is more closely related to Vietnam because there is some ethnic strugle and we are bogged down. We were told over and over again in Vietnam we were winning there is a light at the end of the tunnel unforuntaely the light at the end of the tunnel was the light from an on coming train. That is what is happening in Iraq we make a little progress to make it look like we are getting somewhere just enough to keep us there then all hell breaks loose again. This is what happened in Vietnam except by the end Congress had had it and cut it off. It doesn't matter how long we stay or if we stay there will be continued violence and in the end there will be a civil war if not this year next year or 10 years from now.

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  • Agreed.
    I am Canadian. And the funny thing about this whole iraq war. We get all the news, american, european, canadian. And I called the shots on the iraq war before it happened. First it was wmd. Then no wmd. Second, get out a dictator, third US was there to save the people.
    All the while, I was saying BS. This is all made up. And sure enough....
    Now the terror alerts. Ever notice the terror alerts happen when Bush wants to pass a patriot act or some other bill that takes away american rights. WOW..what a coincidence. MAYBE the terrorists follow congress acts as closely as bush does! Riiiiight.
    And you still havent' impeached bush. So guess what. Another president will end up being worse than bush. cause there is no reprocusions. the only way america can save america. Is it impeach bush and send a very clear message to future presidents. Tow the line, be honest or you get impeached. But somehow, american's just aren't seeing it.
    PS,Canadians care very much about what goes on in the US, cause our jobs and our lively hood depends on a strong America! And this is why Canada cares. So stand up America. Treat bush like ol yeller.

    By Anonymous biggunsar, at 11:44 AM  

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