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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Has the Us Miltary Become an Evangelical Cult

It seems there is a continued attempt to evangialize Miltary recruits still reguardless of what is going on. If you are wondering why the Us Miltary is having such a hard time recruiting to the numbers it sets and keeping people. On every level evangical chrisitans have invaded the us miltary and are using the insitution to harrass recruits into converting to Evangical christianity reguardless if they are any other type of Christianity.

The Miltary has because so bad that the recruits are being commanded to go to Evangical events. The miltary is being run on faith based action what is going on in Iraq is no longer a war but a crusade, it believes that Iraq is a battle of Revelations. That is doesn't matter what the truth is they will lie, distort, and alter to keep the war going. This is part of why we are really not winning because the Us miltary and the people running it are just as intollerant as the people we are fighting. They blame those who are not evangical christians for their failures and most specifically non-christians. That we are losing not because of their actions but because they have lost the support of god because they haven't converted enough people.

It is a highly disturbing situation and everything that comes out of the us miltary should be taken in the Light that they view this as a religious crusade and not what is in the Best interest of the american people.

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