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Friday, December 01, 2006

continued Election reform what has been done

To this point very little of this has been acted on, by the state legislature.
under number one of the Ballot access &Election date section there has been 1 bill in the state senate and 2 in the state house relating to changing the date of the presidential primary all have languished in committee since their introduction.

As far as I can tell nothing have been done in relation to the Absentee ballot Question or it has been intentionally shelfed by the state legislature for lack of interest

What is a Ballot and a Vote?
Based on what i've seen and heard the only answer to this was the purchase of Massive numbers of electronic voting machines by the counties so they could use the money they were given from the federal government and no law requiring verifiable voter paper trails.


What seems to have happened is that the state legislature actually made the provisional ballot laws worse, and left the training of how to use them to the local boards of elections. Which in Northampton county was a complete disaster.

SO more or less this turned into another throw away report and a waste of tax payer dollars, why i'm not sure maybe it's ego maybe the state legislatures don't care who know but there were some good Ideas in the report that to this day have not been acted on and probably never will be.


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