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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

There are 25 municipalities in Lehigh county

The problem is if you talk to most of the democratic leadership there are 9 municipalities in Lehigh county and a big blob that is not Lehigh county. This has been the view towards Lehigh county that is held by both state and good portion of the county Democratic leadership.
That we can't win in the big blob and well we simply aren't going to try.

This is part of the reason that the republicans control 70 to 80% of the municipal seats and most of the State representative seats in the county. Most of the time there is no one on the ballot and If there is a D on the ballot out side of the area that's considered Lehigh county for a municipal race. In a general election a lot of times it's a either a republican who decided to make sure he won by getting himself written in on
both sides of the ballot or a republican who didn't win their republican primary, and got themselves written in on the Democratic side. If by chance there is actually a registered Democrat on one of these ballots. They are one of 4 types they have been in that office for decades, they are simply got themselves on the ballot for ego, or they are someone who is has good intentions but then get little or no help and get murdered(or once in a while sneak in because no one else wants the seat) or the smallest group the person that can buy the seat themselves, but have little or no party loyalty.

If in the rare case the county committee bothers to recruit someone they do little to support them.

The simply fact is if we are going to take back some of the big blob we are going to have to get out of the mind set of we can't win and we aren't going to try, and if we ever hope to gain back some of the state house seats. The simple fact is most people are State Representatives from Lehigh county were at one time were on their local council, or Board. At this point since we hold so few of these seats we have a very small farm team to pull from. The simple fact to people experience does matter. When it comes to legislative positions and local officials already start with a base of support. That someone coming off the street in these races don't have, and simply we hold the least seats in the districts we do the worst. Not because we can't win them but simply because we don't even try to win them most of the time.

What the Democrats in Lehigh county need is a 25 municipality strategy. I know the party right now is rebuilding but there are still local seats we can win all over the county if we just make the effort to do so and don't simply only focus on the county commissioners race and what goes on in the area of least resistance. I know they aren't going to be the easiest places to win and I know they aren't the flashiest things to win but they are important for now and into the future and as sooner we figure this out the better off we as Democrats in Lehigh county will be.


  • The county-wide election in 2007 will be interesting, but it would be more interesting (as in, we win seats) if we could wage effective campaigns in Western Lehigh County.

    By Blogger LVDem, at 6:52 PM  

  • It's a matter of lack of will (lack of willingness to put time and money into the races) and a general lack of understand of non-urban politics in Lehigh county by the Democrats. We don't run effective campaigns in Western Lehigh county because or pretty much anywhere once you leave that area with in the red line, other than in some areas of whitehall twp and even that is starting to fall apart

    By Blogger Greendogdem, at 7:53 PM  

  • The biggest problem to doing this is that there is too much city element in the party structure, that simply doesn't understand Popularism, that works outside of the urban areas. That in some cases are as bad as the fundamentalist element in the republican party, i.e. I don't care what you think I know everything and you should believe it because I do. Very simply the best thing the party could do is seperate the Acdc operation from the rest of the county's operation and create a vice-chair of non-urban campaigns

    By Blogger Greendogdem, at 8:29 PM  

  • that has to be someone from outside the city of Allentown or Bethlehem or preferably from a outer suburb or rural area

    By Blogger Greendogdem, at 8:29 PM  

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