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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Huh? they were negligent? Congressional Pages at risk children !?

It is disturbing that Republican leaders were found no more than "negligent" in relation to Mr. Foley's, chasing of under aged boys (Aides and Pages). The leaders of the house have temporary guardianships of these minors while they are in these programs . If this type of Negligence was committed by any other American Adult in charge of a child they would be serving a Jail term. It would be called Criminal negligence and Child endangerment.

So why is this being shoved under the rug maybe as an attempt to shut this down before someone demands that they start looking for inappropriate relationships between underage female Pages and aids in this program. This honestly only seems to be an issue because of it being about homosexuality. The question is what else is going on there and how many Congressmen and Senators might be having inappropriate heterosexual relationships with under aged pages. I think the American people and all the parents of young people working on Capital hill in the page and aid program have the right to know and people need to be held accountable if so more so than in the brush off way it was handled with Mark Foley.


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