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Friday, February 02, 2007

Damn the Fact no actually Just change them

Well it seems the Bush adm is at it again. In what is the Bush adm latest attempt to simply wipe away an ugly number they have decide to ex sponged 16,164 wounded in Iraq
that weren't flown out in an attempt to pretty up the numbers. This is a complete change in practice that is an complete change from other conflicts the us has been in the past. This is simply another attempt to try and convince the American public things are better than they actually are in Iraq. But what do you expect from an Administration that does this as common practice.

In 2001 the when unemployment was high the Bush adm simply cut back the number of weeks that unemployment was counted from from 6 months to 3 months then later to 6 weeks and simply more quickly shifted people from unemployment to the catagory of marginally attached to the work force then right off the books. Then in 2004 because the numbers weren't looking good enough they simply changed the survey they were using because it didn't make the numbers look pretty enough. (i.e. if the Clinton numbers were looked at thru this lens unemployment would have been close to 1%).

But what do you expect from an an administration that will do anything to get it way lie to the American public twist the facts. Say one thing one day then do the exact opposite.

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