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Monday, February 12, 2007

Iran,IEDS and What we really Know

The Bush adm again seems to be putting the cart before the horse, and the media is following close behind. They have sent Def Sec Gates and a number of "experts" out saying, that the Bush adm and Us intel "Know" that top levels of Iran's government are sending IED's into Iraq. That we know they were smuggled in by the government with their approval and that is the only place that they can be manufactured. They are also trying to make it this sound like these were the major cause of us deaths in Iraq.

1. According to Senator Jack Reed -RI and a number of other people in the Congress. The intel that has come out does not really point at anyone. It could be the top leadership,but there is really no proof. It also could be a radical lower element inside the government that is doing this without the leadership's approval. Finally, we could be,being yanked around by Iran dissident groups. That could themselves being supplying these weapon to try and incite the to invade Iran. The same way the Iraqis dissidents more or less coned America into Iraq, with phony claims about wmds.The could also being sold to insurgence on the black market.

2. Though, the weapons are probably coming out of Iran there is no exact proof they were created in Iran. They could have come from another place through the black market.

3. Less than one-half-of one percent of troop deaths and wia were caused by these devices. They are simply a minor element in a larger problem and seem to be trumped up as a major issue. I'm not sure why or if this is just a strategy to distract from the fact we are losing to insurgent elements in iraq.

Finally, this seems to be another rush, by this Administration to find yet another reason to continue the war in Iraq. The flagging support for this war is the biggest threat to the Bush adm, to their legacy. They need to try and keep the public scared and seem, to be willing, to float out any justification, or threat to keep this going. This quote well vetted, proof is no better than the Aluminum tubes they came out with in 2003 prior to invading Iraq. Saying something is well researched and checked and dbl and triple checked doesn't make it so, and in this case it seems to be being check and check again with the same unreliable sources that got us into Iraq in the First place. I'm not saying that this can't be true,I'm saying the adm doesn't really seem to have the proof they claim they have.

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