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Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Party that Learned Nothing From 2006 Clearing the Field in Pa 15th district

It seems that the Democratic party has learned nothing from the 2006 election either Nationally, or locally. The message from the Voters in 2006 was we want, to choose who we want to vote for in Democratic primaries. Not be coned by the party into choosing whom they want us to. In the places in Pa and nationally were the SDCC, Dccc or local parties interfered in the primaries and their candidate won they generally lost in the Generally election. Where the Candidate was Chosen inspite of massive interference in the primary that candidate generally won. Examples of these are Patrick Murphy,Jason Altmire and Mt-Tester compared to Duckworth- IL + Lois Murphy.

What I'm starting to hear now is that Northampton county Chair Joe Long, has decided that he knows what the voters want better, than they do. It sounds as if there is an attempt to pressuring Candidates out the Race, to clear the way for Lehigh County Vice-Chair Sam (Siobhan) Bennett, to the Nomination of the Democratic party for the Pa 15th congressional district. I'm not sure if this is true and whether it's some sort of political payback to VC Bennett or act of retaliation by the party against one or more of the other potential candidates by the state party, such as Very popular State Senator Lisa Boscola, whom leadership in Harrisburg don't like because she tends, to stand, by her convictions,and the best interests of her district, even when it goes against what the party wants.

Beyond, the fact that members of the Democratic party in Lehigh,Northampon,Berks and Montco county should have the right to choose whom their candidate will be without party interference and strong arming. V.C. Bennett is a candidate that is even Less viable than Charles Dertinger was. She has never won a party primary of any kind other than a committee seat, and was beaten in a mayoral primary in the City of Allentown in 2005 by a large enough margin to give pause of giving her a pass. If she can't even win a primary in the city of Allentown how can she beat Congressman Dent in the General Election.

I believe that the party should stay out of primaries and let the candidates speak for themselves. Which has been the party's policy til' recently, and it has availed us not. If Mrs. Bennett wants the nomination she needs to win it on the Field of battle not thru back room deals and party pressure.

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