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Monday, February 19, 2007

VA System complete mess

The Veterans Administration, under the Republicans has been destroyed. In order to save money the Bush adm has been taking it out of the Va system. The Hospitals are understaffed, poorly keep up and simply given the illusion of being up to date. They redo the frontage of the hospital and let everything else go to pot. In a number of the hospitals the OR's are dated in some places they haven't been updated since the Vietnam war. Updates that were ordered under the Bush I and Clinton adms were pushed back or eliminated by the Bush adm.

Physicians and other staff at the hospitals are promised pay raises over and over again, but when the new pay package comes out. Their pay hasn't gone up because even thought it's on the books they should get more the Hospital's area isn't given the money for the raises, and their part of the insurance cost goes up at the same time. They are already paid at something close to 1/3 to 1/2 what the avg Physican makes on the open market depending on the area. Physicians that are in the system came into the system when it wasn't like that, and whatever difference was made up in benefits that were much better than they are today, a good number of the people are getting close to retirement. It is so bad a good number of the Hospitals are staffed with people on foreign worker Visas.

The Physician's don't speak out because they have almost drill Sargent supervisors, who more or less punish anyone who questions the situation in the system. They are there to shut up anyone that questions or blow whistles and most of the Physicians are just trying to make it to retirement and vestiture of their retirement benefits.

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