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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Why I don't Fly anymore

It's been about quite a while since, I've flown about 7 years to be exact. Yesterdays events have not made me anxious to resume doing so anytime soon. About the time I stopped flying things had starting bad with the industry the last straw was a flight I was on between Newark and Lisbon Portugal. We were delayed 3 hours, then halfway over the Atlantic the toilets started to overflow then the last hour there were no toilets. Then we landed and sat on the runway for 3 hrs waiting to taxi to a gate. The plan stank of waste and then we found out they had lost some of our luggage which ended up in Australia and we didn't get till the end end of our trip.

This have now seems to have gotten worse in the past 7 years in at least 4 of these last 7 years there have been passengers stuck on planes for hours events. Yesterday, Jet Blue and several other airlines left passengers stuck on planes for as much as 9 hrs, because of an Ice and snow storm. Some of the planes actually froze to the runway and had to be pulled free.

Why are the airlines doing this profits, every time they have to bring a plane back to the runway is money out of their pocket. This have happened over and over again the airlines promise to fix the problem, promise not to let it happen again, under the threat of legislation. They agree to xyz self-policing matter the matter drops til' the next time it happens and then the dump a bunch of money into xyz congressmen and Senators pockets and it goes away.

It's become Quite obvious they are incapable of policing themselves. That they have no interest in policing themselves, and unless they are specific regulations in place the airlines will continue to hold passengers against their will on the run way for hours on end to keep their schedules.

It's time to tell the senate and congress no more. The Airlines have run out of changes an organization called
"Coalition for an Airline Passengers' Bill of Rights" has a petition to Congress we want the end of this nonsense. http://www.petitiononline.com/airline/petition.html

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