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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Is Al-Qaeda trying to keep the US in Iraq intentionally?

It is starting to seem that Al Quaeda's intention is to bog the US down in Iraq. While putting out little or no effort on their part in doing so. That by simply egging us on with personal attacks almost school yard childish taunts, on Bush and other us leaders and by dropping what seem to be phony notes and letters to convince us how important Iraq is to them and playing on Bush's ego. So, that we will stay and continue to degrade our fighting ability, do damage to our economy and creditability around the world. They seem to be intent to make US seem irrational and unhinged,damage our image around the world.

I honestly believe Al Quaeda's intention is simply to continue to bog the us down in Iraq while building itself up all around the world. Al-Quaeda doesn't need to attack us if we keep taking their bait and hurting ourselves. It's time for us to get out of Iraq and stop taking Al-Quaeda's bait so we can actually win the war against the people who are trying to destroy America.

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