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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We finally have Proof Bush is Deranged and a Danger to the troops

It is clear from this latest story that President Bush has completely become detached from reality. Based on this story Bush has deluded himself into thinking that most Americans still support staying in Iraq. When in reality most Americans are simply want to find the quickest exit from this insanity. Most Americans think there is no "WIN" in Iraq that the only question is how many more Americans will die because of this.

I believe that if the Democrats had come out and said we are voting for this Bill to give Bush funding for Iraq not because we believe it's the right thing to do but because we are afraid that he might leave the troops there to die if we don't. I think most Americans might have believed them. Bush is a danger to America now and a Danger to the troops. There is no way to remove him because the Republican elected offials are willing to allow this insanity to continue because either they are as deluded as he is, or care as little for the troops as I think.That the only thing they are to them is a campaign prop and nothing more and they are showing it by not standing up to George BUsh

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