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Friday, April 20, 2007

Why the Democrats aren't cutting off funds for Iraq

The Reason Democrats aren't cutting off funds for Iraq is not because they think it's winnable or good to keep funding this war. But, Because George Bush is so deranged they are afraid that unlike Gerald Ford, Bush would leave the troops in Iraq to suffer. He wouldn't pull them out. Then as the troops died and suffered scream and yell that they weren't being funded to make a political point.

Bush is so psychotic he's willing to defy congress and get the troops killed to get his way. So the Democrats have to fund this insanity not because it's a good idea but because Bush is nuts.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Guns and Resident Aliens

What happened at Virginia Tech this week raises a question should non-citizens in the United States be allowed to own guns. I highly question if non-citizens have inalienable rights under the Us constitution. Yes they have a right to due process but I question if the second Adm also covers Resident or Non-Resident Aliens. There seems to be a clear distinction in the constitution between rights of citizenship and the right of a Human being in the country. the right of the People vs No person shall be it's quite clear the the People means Us citizens not non-citizen residents.

Later in the constitution the word citizen is used more often but in general the term the people generally is seen as referring to us citizens and not non-citzens. This leads to the question does that second adm apply to non-citizens? I'm not sure it does or that they have or should have access to guns.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Yes we Did!

Yes the American People did elect congress to substitute their judgment over the commanders on the ground especially since it seems they don't know what they are doing.
We now have our forces in Iraq lead by General of questionable competence that was put in place by Bush because he's a Yes man. That won't question the policy and will never admit it's a failure. Who seems to have the same type of messianic insanity that Bush does and has shown, a willingness to continue the policy of Lying to the American public to buy time to keep failed strategies going. The question Bush keeps going back to his rant about if we don't win there they'll come after us here. The things is it doesn't matter if we "win" in Iraq or not it will make no difference in the end whether we are attacked here or not. If they are going to attack us they can simply send some one here with a gun, or a bomb and get us, and since their base is Pakistan and not Iraq what we are doing does little to disrupt them.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Aero/Space Defense Sector Weakness Telegraphing future of Iraq war

Over the past 3 to 5 days there has been a trend down in Aero/Space and Defense stocks. In spite of massive earnings increases Def stocks have started to go down. In fact in after hours today several of the Def stocks lost over 1% additional. I think this selling is by large institutional investors that see US defense spending going down in the next several quarters. As we scale down our involvement in Iraq regardless of what the Bush adm is saying. The writing seems to be on the wall at least in the mind of investors.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Hatch Act

Who is covered
All civilian employees in the executive branch
of the federal government, except the President and the Vice President, are covered by the provisions of the Hatch Act. Employees of the U. S. Postal Service and the District of Columbia are also covered by the Act.

May not use their official authority or influence to interfere with an election
• May not solicit, accept or receive political contributions unless both individuals are members of the same federal labor organization or employee organization and the one solicited is not a subordinate employee
• May not knowingly solicit or discourage the political activity of any person who has business before the agency
• May not engage in political activity while on duty
• May not engage in political activity in any government office
• May not engage in political activity while wearing an official uniform
• May not engage in political activity while using a government vehicle
• May not be candidates for public office in partisan elections partisan elections
• May not wear political buttons on duty


Thursday, April 12, 2007

The only winner from the our Surge in Iraq is AL Queda

The simple fact is regardless of what the Bush adm and Senator Mc Cain keep saying Al Aqeda has little or no presence in Iraq. They keep pointing to this or that person or this or that action as by done by an AL Qaeda member. While in reality the action are being done by this or that Shite or Sunni actor in the current civil war in Iraq.

An example of this is today's attack on the Iraqi Parliament that was clearly done by someone in either Al-Sadar's Mahdi army or by one of the Sunni insurgent group. Blaming this on Al Queda only strengthens Al Queda giving them a new propaganda source.

The simple fact is the Us military is being run ragged trying to stop a civil war that will happen no matter when we leave. That is happening around our troops and instead of being fought where we are the insurgence simply moved the attacks to a different part of the country. The Madhi army is attacking sunnis in Najafi, and other places in the country. The Sunnis are attacking the Kurds in the north etc. We aren't stopping anything and 3 to 5 more bridges are going to make no difference.

In the end all we are doing in Iraq is slowly destroying our military, it's equipment and putting ourselves in more debt. While not making any real dent in power of the people who attacked us on 9-11. Al Queda is all over the world is networking all over the world while we waste our energy in Iraq. They are in Thailand,Indonesia, Philippines, Europe and probably in the US and we don't have the resources to do anything about it because we are wasting time in Iraq.

If we are attacked by Al Queda again in the Us it will be because we have shown how stupid we are to continue to stay in Iraq and let ourselves get destroyed by numerous insurgent groups in the Same way the Russians were in Afghanistan. Rather than if we had left Iraq and had directly gone after Al queda were they are. In the end after all the fighting we are going to have to leave Iraq at some point. In the end the real winner in all of this will be Al Queda because we have destroyed ourselves with our own stupidity. They didn't have to do anything to defeat us we destroyed ourselves simply because they egged us on with phony leaked messages saying that Iraq was such a great prize and that they would win if we leave.

Hum Mr Bush did ever come into your mind that Al queda wants us to stay in Iraq that they know from the war with the Russians that you can destroy a country without even trying. Oh yes I forgot who i'm talking about a government that can't even do the most simplest tasks. That's run by a man that thinks everything he's does is bless by god . Who keeps making mistake after mistake of course he would fall for what amounts to school yard taunts to get us to do stupid things that will damage ourselves.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

No Senator Mccain You are playing Politics

Senator Mccain you ask about the consequence of losing in Iraq. As far as I can tell most Miltary people and most of the American public can tell we have already lost in Iraq. You are simply trying to ride a wave of delusion of well lets just try one more thing and another thing and another thing. Senator Mc Cain you say give this Surge a change we haven't given it a change. This isn't a new strategy this is the same strategy that was tried before and didn't work. In the first few months it looked like it worked. Then it self destructed you keep patting General Petraeus on the back as some brilliant General it didn't work before now we are trying our past failure on a large scale. Give it a chance ha we already gave it a chance it FAILED. The bigger question we aren't talking about is what are the consequences of us staying in Iraq forever. 1. a destroyed miltary, 2. a broken us economy. 3. a massive victory for al aqueda. Yes a Massive victory for Al queada has it ever come into your mind that Al Queada is putting out phoney releases to try and con us into staying in Iraq and continuing to damage ourselves. That while we are wasting our time money and treasuer in Iraq they are building up their strength and we are getting weaker. That by the Us and our allies what few of them staying in Iraq the Al quaeda and our enemies are winning that we are doing exactly what they want us to. That it's probably more likely we are going to get attacked here because we are giving them a live fire training ground, recruiting tool and a causes to use against us. No us leaving Iraq will not help them it will hurt them. The longer we stay in Iraq the more it hurts us not Al Aqeda Al Aqueda wants us to stay in Iraq till we destroy ourselves. But you can't seems to get this or care about it because even if you realize that they are playing a big con game on us. All you care about is the political gain you get from screaming about staying in Iraq till we "win"

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Here we go again

The party leadership has now decided to abuse their power again. I'm sorry but if Sam Bennett wants to run for congress she need to resign her seat as the Vice Chair of the County committee. It's inappropriate for the party to be allowing the county committee email to be used for fund raisers for candidates that aren't the party's nomaniee or even the single post-filing candidate. These fund raising emails through the party's email address are an abuse of power and show how weak of a candidate Sam Bennett is if she has to resort to Abusing her office to raise money for herself.

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