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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fact Fact and damn Statistics why the July downturn in us deaths in iraq means nothing

us causality stats avg from 2004-currect (i excluded 2003 because that was the year of the invasion and scews up the numbers)

Jan 74.75 Jan 07 83 +11%
Feb 53.5 Feb 07 81 +34%
March 49.75 March 07 81 +39%
April 91.75 Apr 07 104 +13%
May 88.75 May 07 126 +42%
June 70.5 June 101 +43%
July 55 July 81 +47%
Aug 72 Aug 37
Sept 67
Oct 88.66
Nov 97
Dec 84

The numbers as you see are statiscally higher than the avg deaths. There is a consistant build and break down period for this entire situation. With Feb,March,July and Sept are build up periods and major attack periods and death being and , April,May,Aug,Oct,Nov and dec. This year the cycle has speed up to one month of down attack lightly down attacks leading to 2 months of statisically higher attacks then one both of slightly elevated attacks. If the current pattern holds true Aug and Sept will have a higher number of attacks and more troops deaths if this pattern holds true there will be around 112 us troops deaths in Aug and 105 troops deaths in sept.

I honestly don't know how they can say the surge is working when it seems the only reason the deaths are down is because of this cycle and because July is the hottest months of the year in Iraq and there are just less attacks in July because of this.

I will believe this is there is an actual break in this cycle not the meaningless claims by the generals who are trying to keep this war going.

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Part of America's perception problem around the World is the Bush era Military culture itself.

The Culture that has seems to have develop during the Bush adm in US Military is one of an absolutist cult. That sees the rest of the world as inferiors needing to be "civilized" it seems to even been ingrained in the base live at home and abroad. This attitude of what could be akin to a new "white man’s Burden" idea even extends to the British our "allies". This is exemplified in a statement by a young woman in one of the documentaries who moved to a base in the Uk that going there would be good start to her Missionary work.

This sort of exemplifies the evangelistic Disrespects for the local culture the Military is based in. The Military culture has be come ultra fundamentalist Christian in such a way that it really doesn't even understand American culture itself, living in what seems to be a 1950's black hole, that is transported from base to base.

That even is upsetting the locals in the Uk where they see the Americans and their families based there as insulting and isolationist, with little concern what their activities have on the locals. This is sort of exemplified by instructions that are given to people who are new to the bases that there are just a few nut bags that will be rude to you.

This level of disrespect for the local cultures is only adding to Growing Anti-Americanism overseas. As this is because members of the military and their families are usually the only contact that foreigners have with Americans. After watching them in action in several of these documentaries I wouldn't have a very good view of America either if I was a foreigner.

Finally if this culture of disrespect is not fixed in the American military no amount of activity by the military or diplomats are going to fix America’s image around the world.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

and we should do what Bush wants this time because???

Every decision Bush has made from the decision to go into Iraq was the complete opposite of the decision that should have been made. Starting with going in then going in with too few troops, to letting the iraqi miltary be disbanded, to allowing rioting in the streets, to pushing election on the iraqis, to insisting on staying at every exit point we had, firing any General that suggested leaving Iraq was the best strategy, to sending in wave after waves of troops that have amounted in nothing.

THe simple fact is when Bush is faced with two options. When it has come to Iraq he always picks the wrong one. Whatever Bush suggests we should be doing the exact opposite. That includes approving General professional son Petraeus I've looked at Petraeus's record it's not very impressive and the only reason it seems he was put forward is because it seems he's good at towing the line. If he wrote the counter insurgency strategy for the us which hasn't worked for years then it should have been good enough reason not to approve him.

Very simply Bush's surge strategy deserves no more time beyond september if that long. The only point of what Bush is doing is so he can dump this on the next president so they can be blamed for the collapse of iraq and not him.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Well know we know what Jerkoff was talking about

Well we know that Sec Chertoff was trying to avoid saying that Al Queada is stonger now than in 2001 because we F-cked up. After, 4 years of this nonsense in Iraq we are no safer now than we were 4 years ago. Al queada has reconstitued itself because we wasted all this f-cking time in Iraq,because we didn't go after them in pakistan and let things go in Afghanstan. We are no better off today because we invaded Iraq stupidly and the Bush adm is trying to cover it up.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Secreatary Homeland INsecurity needs to take an anti-acid and Shut up and stop fearmongering

Today Secretary Michael Chertoff said he had a "Gut Feeling" that AL queda was going to attack us this summer. I don't want to hear about his Gut Feelings about Al queada we are spending Billon of f-king dollars on the fbi,cia and other group. He should know if there is going to be an attack. If he doesn't and the best he can do is guess he should f-cking resign. He has no business being the head of homeland security if that's the best they can do is guess. I can only assume this is the Bush adm's latest attempt to scare the american public and distract from the Iraq disaster they have created. Like the Terror Alert system was used during the 2004 election to destract for the Democratic candidates. So Mr Chertoff find an actually Threat or Shut the F-ck up.

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

General or Propgandists? The Latest Desperate act to keep us in Iraq

We seem to be watching what is the Latest campaign by the Bush adm to keep us in Iraq 'til he leaves office in 2009. As we saw with, the other generals Petras and Lynch seem less like comanding Generals, and more like they are running a propganda campaign. Trying in what seems to be an endless propganda campaign to con the America people yet again into supporting continuing our act of insanity in Iraq. Over the last four years plus we have been told over and over again by generals everything is fine everything is great and progressing until about a month before they either resign or are removed from command. They suddenly admit things aren't going as well as they claimed, and more or less admiting they had to say whatever the bush adminstration wanted them to no matter what the truth was.

I have a hard time trusting anything the Generals are saying now to be honest, and looking at the two generals that are speaking for the Miltary I have even less trust. General David Petras is a professional Kiss ass, he was know a the Professional son in the miltary because he was the aid to camp of almost every general in the miltary. He has very limited experience and little if any success as a compander of operation the fact that he wrote the anti-insergence hand book for the miltary sort of speaks for it self showing how well things have gone so far. As to General Rick Lynch the guy is simply a mouth piece who you had and paper and he stand there and rattles it off trying to intimidate everyone.

It's quite clear the surge isn't working and it isn't going to work and we are being lied to yet again. That Bush will keep whining and whining until he gets his way or congress stands up to him and cuts off the funds. We keep going down the same road over and over again doing the same thing and getting no returns.

The Simple fact is it doesn't matter when we leave Iraq. How we leave it as soon as we leave the iraqis will turn on each other and start killing each other. The current government doesn't want us to leave because they know as soon as we do their all Dead and that's the only reason they want us to stay to protect their own skin and nothing else. They don't care how many americans die just that they survive. Well here we go again back down the rabbit hole maybe i'll find Alice this time.

Update: I failed to mention something in my post: That I had also noticed and some of the Journalist mentioned. One of the greatest examples of this propganda is the labeling of everyone we are fighting as Al-queda, if they are sunni, and sometimes even if they are Shia. It seems to be the Bush adm and Miltaries fall back now to label anyone that is opposed to us in Iraq as Al-Qaeda. There is little evidence there were never more than a few hundred Al-Queada related fighters in Iraq most of which have probally been wiped out already. Most claims by either Al-Qaeda or Al-Qaeda related attack in Iraq have had little to do with the group and Al-Qaeda was simply claiming responiblity for them as a propganda campaign that the Bush adm has fallen into, and legitmized by supporting the claims.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The I Scooter Libby kick back

To, start off with I will not assert, that Bush did not have the right to Commute the sentence of I Scooter Libby. The constitution gives him that right and I will not dispute that. It is very clear thought that this was political kick back for Libby Keeping his mouth shut during the trial. That there it was obvious that a deal was made that Bush would commute or pardon Libby if he was convicted. It's clear that there was a there there. That this is a Cover my ass commutation,of the sentence that if they had left Libby in prison and he might speak.

As to the assertion that this sentence was excessive, there are thousands of Americans in Jail for Committing Perjury. Whom have spend much longer than 30 months and prision and aren't getting out because they don't have friends in high places. I highly doubt the founders intended for this power to be used for political means. In the end this was simply a bald faced political kick back. Very simply, elected republicans are only the party of law and order when it applies to other people and not to themselves.

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