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Monday, June 18, 2007

Bush amd new message stay in Iraq forever

The Bush adm's new policy is to convince the American Public that they don't know what they want so they can convince us to stay in Iraq forever. The latest message is the american people want victory and if it takes 10 year or forever we have to stay there.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm about to say something you won't see on many other Democratic Blogs

If you are in the Us Illegally you should be arrested and Deported. No ifs, and, or buts. I don't care, why Millions of other People are here, that shouldn't be,the fact that are here makes them Criminals. No one is criminalizing them, they made themselves Criminals when they came accross the boarder without permission and stayed here without permission. I don't care that Businesses wants them here, if the business owners or hr depts are encouraging, people to come accross the boarder illegally they should be fine or arrested as accessories.

The simply fact is they are not Americans and broke our laws to get here which makes our only responibity to them giving them swift justice and deport them. As, we would with any legal alien that committed a crime. Yes if you're a legal Alien and you commit a Crime you are deported. We seem to be willing to waste tons of money on what are fruitless efforts overseas that cost 10 or 20 times a year as it would to deport these Criminals but the Bush adm and the Republicans are unwilling to spend the money to do this.

It's time to start enforcing the laws and throw the criminals out of the country. They have no right to be here and we shouldn't have to put up with their Criminal presense anylong. I don't care if your European, asian, African,or Hispanic or anything else if you are here illegally get out, or we should throw you out.


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Friday, June 15, 2007

Palestine the New Pakistan

It seems we are seeing a replay of the 1971 break up of West Pakistan (Bangladesh) and East Pakistan (current Pakistan). Hamas has now taken over Gaza and Fatah now only controls the West Bank. This was pretty much of an inevitability when you have a country (autonomous region) that is created on two side of another country will eventually split up. Especially when the majority of one group is so ideologically different than the other,i.e. West Pakistan was more or less at Peace with India and East Pakistan was at loggerheads with them. As, Fatah is interested in making Peace with Israel Hamas wants to burn Israel to the ground.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

You better Damn well be sure this time!!!!!!!!! Before we start something we can't get out of.

First of all Mr/Ms. Media pundit cut it out. This is serious stop spinning this We have gone in a week from: Karzai: Iran not backing Taliban,No evidence Iran moving weapons to Taliban: Gates,then suddenly we went to well Iran maybe helping the taliban, then suddenly Iran is helping the taliban. If anyone bothers to read the stories these statements are based on the improvement in the Taliban's techniques and armaments, and suppositions not any real documentation. What is failed to be mentioned in the story is the armaments aren't just of Iranian Origins but they are also of Chinese origins and no one is saying China is supporting the Talibian.

The Claims in these stories are entirely based on suppositions and assumptions and are not even based on intelligence. There is little reason for the Shia Iranians to help the Sunni Taliban. We as a country can not be wrong again and before we get ourselves into a war we can't get out. If we bomb Iran we won't just be doing strategic bombing we will start a war. The Irans will attack us because unlike the Iraqis they do have the ability to come back after us. We have little credibility in the world left and if we attack Iran and start another war we will be all alone and if we are wrong it will make Iraq look like the cake walk Bush claimed it would be.

We cannot invade another country on supposition and the idea of maybe they are doing it or maybe they did this or that. We can not be wrong again, we have to be right we can not simply attack a country because we don't like them we can neither afford to do so we don't have the troops or the money to do so. We have to be right everytime from here on out. We can not afford to screw up again. So before we invade another country we better be damn sure we are right and the media and the Bush admin making unproven calms is not helping the situation and is only making things worse for us.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I hope the Democratic party is paying attention the republican debates

All the Republican candidates in Yesterday's Debate more or less said they'd prefer to have the terrorist attack us rather than have a gay Arabic Translator in the Military. That nuking Iran is a good Idea, as a response to them having a centrifuges not a a nuke a centrifuge. They want to deport Legal Aliens.

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