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Friday, March 23, 2007

Here we go again another inapporiate fundraiser

Well it seems that no one learned anything from the uproar about having fund raisers for non-Lehigh valley candidates ( Lois and Patrick Murphy) last year. I got this lovely little email tonight from the Lehigh county Democratic Committee
URGENT! Support Latino candidate
Maria Quiñones-Sánchez
Democratic Candidate for Philadelphia City Council

At the home of Sam Bennett and Martin Estrada

It seems now that Philadelphia and it's suburbs doesn't just expect us to fund their congressional elections now we have to fund their local elections too. I mean has the party just done such a good job fund raising for our own candidates that we now have extra time to fundraise for Philadelphia. Well if that's true congratulations, but based on past experience I highly doubt it.

Where is the fund raiser for our candidates? Hum? Isn't that the county committee's job first to support our candidates. I know the party failed to fill all the slots but we still have our own candidates that need money to run. It is shameful that we aren't taking care of our own. Beyond that is it really an appropriate use of the county committee email to advertise a fund raiser for a candidate none of us can even for for? There is a limited supply of campaign dollars in Lehigh county and the Lehigh valley to start with should we really be sending more of them out of the area?!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can't take much more of this insanity. Obama this Hilary this Mccain this Gulliani that. We are now 10 months from the first votes in this election and I'm already sick of listening to it. I'm sick of it,I honestly wish the whole process would go underground for maybe 6 months as a cool down process. I'm simply just burnt out from all of this and so is probably everyone else. We all know that neither Obama or Hilary are going to be the Nominee in the end, and neither will Gulaian or Mccain. I wish they would just shut up already.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Give Bush A choice

Well Bush wants to be the Decider this is the Choice the Democrats should give him.

1. Sign the Bill we are sending you get your money for now and Get out by 2008


2. Veto the Bill and Get out now

In this case if Bush Veto's the Bill he's De-funding the troops. If the Republicans in the Senate try to block the bill accuse them of not supporting the troops. Just because the man acts like a child doesn't mean he should get his way all the time, and if he whines about the money just keep sending him the same bill, he will either sign it or run out of money. He's the Decider now give him a choice.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

removed post

I decided to remove a post related to Chris Casey running for Upper Mac twp supervisor because of some inaccuracies about, who asked him to run (wife asked him on her own not at the urging of the residents of Umt but of her own accord.). It was removed because I like to be as accurate as possible and Chris's wife pointed out the post was, not completely accurate.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Disappointed but not shocked by Shamefully Poor Lehigh county Candidate Recruiting

Well much to my schagrin it seems my predictions of inability to find candidate for local offices has already started. I thought this would be something that would happen 1 or 2 cycles down the road not this year. But it seems that this has already happened. ref post Jan 29th

There is no candidate for the 4th seat up for election on Alburtis boro council, only one candidate for 3 seats up for election on Cooperburg boro council. No candidate for 2 year Audtor Upper Saucon twp; 4 year Auditor term in Heidelberg twp or Lower Mac twp; the 6 year auditor term in Lower Milford,Lowhill twp,Washington twp and worst of all no candidate at all for the 5th ward commissioners seat in Salisbury twp.

And Shameful as the total recruiting was Failure of recruiting on the Democratic side outside the city of Allentown and Bethlehem and 2 or 3 other places, was worse. We Fielded no Candidate of any kind in South Whitehall twp, Macungie boro, Lower Milford, Lowhill,Lynn, Upper Milford, Upper Saucon. Beyond this we only fielded min numbers [one candidate or one office] of candidates in Coopersburg, Emmaus,Slatington boros and Lower mac, Heidelberg, N. Whitehall,Salisbury,Upper Mac, Weisenberg and Washington twp. We couldn't even field a candidate for D.A., or at least get one that would bother to follow thru with running.

This is shameful disgusting and shows how much work the party has to do outside the cities. The lack of vision and last min requests for people to run do nothing to fill this gap. It's too late if you begging for candidates to run for these offices at the Feb meeting.Looking at all these empty positions for seat we could have picked up at least 4 local legislative seats with no effort. But this is why the republicans control somewhere between 65 and 70% of the local seats because we don't even bother trying as I said in my post Just winning the County commissioner seats is not good enough about the party's lack of vision .

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Rank Hypocrisy

It seems that the right wing extremists in the Republican party only seem to care about the troops. So long as they are carrying out their grand plan, but once they come home they don't seem to give a damn and even to some extent when they are in the field .

I was completely shock by the vicious and down right nasty response I got to my post Va System Complete mess. I usually get 5 or 10 a day emails a few of which are really nasty emails a day.After,I posted this on Feb 19th I got a few emails related to it, the first week it was up, mostly positive. Suddenly, the beginning of last week in what seems to be part of a hit campaign to kill the story on Walter reed I started getting a flood of nasty email.

I was accused of being a liar nothing shocking there, but then I was accused of treason,helping al-quaeda, and pretty much every other slanderous line you could think of in these email.I'm jaw droppingly shocked that, this would illicit this type of venom, I've posted a lot more inflammatory things, than this.

It seems that this truth is a greater threat to their image and plans than anything else. That is probably, why most of the extreme right wing media is glossing this over and treating it as a second rate story. The Right-wing extremist and the Bush adm seem to care more about the image of supporting the troops than actually doing it. From sending in the troops in poorly prepared so badly that their families had to buy them body armor, to the troops running out of bullets to allow the Va to fall apart. The right wing extremists see the troops as cannon-fodder and tool for propaganda and only do things when they are embarrassed by the media.

If the media had not reported what was happening at Walter Reed nothing would have been done and there would have been a continued cover up. In fact the Bush adm has had the army ordering troops not to speak to the media anymore, so nothing else is uncovered. The same type of cover up is true about the body armor and the bullets and everything else. The simple fact is the Bush adm knows about these problems and simply doesn't care, and their horde of right wing supports obviously don't either.

I'm personally sick of listening to these people meme the talking points of support the troops when they don't. The troops will do what they are told to do if they were ordered into hell they would probably go. It is the job of the Government to decide the mission congress and the President. Then send them in equipped to do it and take care of them when they get home in the manner befitting their sacrifice if they are injured. Not sent into a rotting rat infest hell hole. It is also the job of the government to decide when a war is unwinable or the course of action is wrong and change it or stop it, but simply throwing more troops in and using them as a propaganda tool is not supporting the troops.

You will never hear an American solider admit in front of a camera how bad things are,to the media. They are there they don't see the larger picture or if it is winnable they simply do what they are order to do. They don't think about what is next or it's working they look on the bright side of it, because it's the only way they can keep going.

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