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Monday, November 27, 2006

In the End it's the Voters Fault

If, your State rep or State senator either voted for or enabled the vote for the pay raise and you voted for them. Whatever they do from here on out "IS YOUR FAULT". I'm already listening to the same people who complained about the pay raise now complaining about the "middle of the night session the state legislature passed a bill to let slots operators give away free booze to players."Again they passed a law without any hearings, public input or openly debating the proposal 3 times as the state constitution requires." In the end fair number of the people who were screaming and yelling about how horrible and underhand the pay raise was when push came to shove went in and voted for their state legislature that vote for the middle of the night pay raise, or did nothing to stop it. It's kinda funny when push comes to shove it's obvious that Pennsylvania voters don't seem to care what their legislatures do especially in the valley. They reelected a man who voted for the pay raise then spent a ton of money telling people he didn't a bunch of other legislature who may or may not have voted for it but allowed it to get up for a vote in the first place only to place a ceremonial objection vote. The only message that this sends to Harrisburg is keep on doing what your doing keep on having mid-night votes keep on passing things without the 3 day review period. Keep on doing what your doing because when all is said and done when the chips are on the table the voters will fold every time all the self righteous anger all the protest meant nothing. SO VOTERS OF PENNSYLVANIA YOU
VOTED FOR THEM NOW IT'S YOUR FAULT SO LIVE WITH IT FOR TWO YEAR THEN MAYBE YOU"LL WISE UP and STOP wasting your vote on the "NICE OLD WOMAN who comes to our events" or the guy who "the guy who got me my handicap placard" or did this or that or 90 other things any state rep could have done for you that you think is so great but does not really have anything to do with being a state rep or senator.IN THE END WHEN YOU WAN T TO COMPLAIN ABOUT MIDNIGHT VOTES or anything the state legislature does GO LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND SCREAM AT YOUR SELF BECAUSE NOW IT"S YOUR FAULT


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