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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It maybe time to look at The Oregon Voting model Again in Pennsylvania

In 2004 and 2005 when the issue of what to replace our prior voting machines came up there were 3 solutions optical scanners,Electronic machines or chucking the polling place although and having all mail in balloting; in addition these three there was a proposal to allow absentee/mail in balloting by choice not just by need. The last two were for some reason were rejected out of hand by Pennsylvania law makers. The lawmakers in Harrisburg for some reason have a tremendous resistance to doing this and I'm not sure why.

So we went ahead with using a mix of optical scan ballots and Electronic voting machines. All of the state in the past two election since areas started using the electronic voting machines the machines have been glitchy hard to start up they've broken down. Then we have accusation that machine actually voted for the wrong person when someone hit the party button. Then we have the latest mess in Northampton county. It's kinda funny to start off with that Northampton county is the only county in the state that didn't release unofficial voting prescient totals, then had anywhere from a 6-60% swing in a number of races. Claiming first on Tuesday night oh there really was no problem then on Friday coming out with these tremendous swings in a number of races that make no sense. I can see human error in one race or two but not
5 or more. So we simply aren't even sure if the numbers that were "official" are even correct.

Then we have the issue of after all this and all this money we only have 49.2% turn out in Pennsylvania which seems to be one of the most important mid-terms in recent history. While getting back to the original header of this Topic Oregon had 70%+ turn out in an election that cost half as much. What is the difference they vote by mail or drop their ballot in a collection box. I'm hear sure the election machine makers will probably scream murder in response to this or claim there is fraud or etc. There were several studies of Oregon's voting and found no more fraud then there was in a the avg election with either other type of voting machine. It's kinda hard to commit fraud when the ballots are numbered and certified like Super bowl tickets.

I think it's time to Chuck all the new voting machines and switch over yes we spent millions of dollars on these new machines and yes people won't like it in the beginning
but in the end we will have higher turnouts and probably cleaner elections with less problems and people feeling they were cheated out of their vote


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